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Character Profile: Casity by sonicnshadow321 Character Profile: Casity by sonicnshadow321
Name: Casity Alitana
Nicknames: Cass
Age: Looks about in her 20, in reality is about 50 to 60
Race: Vampire
Birth date: June 4th
Class/Job: One of the leaders of the Manor
Education: Had almost finished high school but had to ‘disappear’ after being turned into a vampire
Hair Color and Style: Naturally straight and thick, originally a raven black but dyed her bangs red later on.
Eye color: A dark amber.
Height, Weight and Body Style:
5’9” or 5’10” (she doesn’t measure herself much)
The last time she weighed herself, she was 130 or 140. She doesn’t really keep track.
She has a somewhat slim body, but her arms show traces of builded muscle from her work outs.
Tattoos, Piercing, Markings: Regular ear piercings but has marks on her palms. Originally they were burns but after changing into a vampire, the burns had darkened and become like tattoos. When accessing her power, the black marks trail up her arms like vines.
Country of Origin: She has decided to forget where she originally came from, saying that it was a chapter in her life that she can only remember one thing that had been in it that had been truly important.
Live now: In America at a Manor that is used to house vampires and werewolves that need someplace to stay.
Powers: Originally being a telekinetic, when all her memories had been unlocked, the power she had been given as a vampire revealed her to the Special Vampire. The Special Vampire was a vampire given the power of Light and was thought to be the one to lead and deliver the vampire from the ones of the Dark.
Where do they come from: A small town in the country that she cant remember the name of.
Special Skills:
-Is a natural born leader.
-Fluent in German and Italian (which she learned from her husband)
-The control over the energy of Light
-Can paint well at certain times and she is an excellent dancer
How did you learn them:
-Casity was always a hard worker in school and history was her favorite subject so most of what she knows come from reading of the past.
-She was always independent since her parents would always leave her alone to go off and do their own thing.
-Because of her and Emeld, she is usually cautious when meeting new people but it doesn’t take long for her to get close to them.
-She has fallen in love twice but because of the first one, she was able to keep herself strong enough to carry herself until the next man came (whom she later married and is forever in love with.)

The Faves
Favorite Food: Casity is sort of the traditional vampire who likes human blood but because of the case of so many other vampires like her and being one of the leaders, she has made a deal with the vampire government who will send crates with packages of human blood for those who choose to. Besides blood, she enjoys salads and steaks.
Least Favorite: Anything too spicy, it hurts her throat.
Favorite color and why: Red, she just likes the color
Least favorites and why: Pink and yellow. Casity is more of a tomboy and she sees pink as too girly of a color and yellow is just a horrid color to her.
Favorite song: Anything with a good beat and that she can dance to.
Favorite Movie: The Princess Diaries.

The One
The one item you can't live without: The flower Emeld had given her when they were kids.
The one person you love more than any other: There are four of them. Steven, Augusta, Kennedy, and Victoria. They are her world and she would be crushed and devastated if she were ever without any of them.
The one thing you'd take to your grave: When she had hit Emeld for the first time and everyone had started laughing, she had never felt more disgusted and horrid about herself that she had done that.
The one secret you want no one to ever find out: If she had one, it wouldn’t be a secret if it was put here.

The Strange
Strangest dream you've ever had: She was in complete darkness with many different voices talking at her, one being a girl’s voice similar to her own that seemed to try and warn her while dark hands tried to grab at her.
Strangest place you've woken up in: A run down apartment that had apparently been rented out in her name but had no recollection of it or of where she came from.
Strangest person you've ever met: She lives in a house full of them.
Strangest place you've visited: The Manor the first time.

The Whats
What did you want to be when you were five and why?: She had wanted to be a singer at the time but the dream died when her mother told her she wouldn’t get very far as a singer.
What quality do you dislike most in others?: When they have no consideration for other people and those who think they’re so much better than everyone else.
What quality do you dislike most in yourself?: That sometimes she cant save the people she holds close and that she can be so blunt at times
What is your most treasured possession?: Not really a possession but her family and the flower she still keeps from Emeld.
What does your voice sound like?: Confident, independent, and a voice of wisdom.
As a child, what personality traits did you display?: Curious, adventurous, caring, and always had a laugh somewhere in there.

The Hows
How do you dress?: Cant say casual but something that shows her as different, mostly with irony. Aka, she’s a vampire and when the story starts out, she’s wearing a shirt that says ‘Bite Me’.
How do you sound? Accent?: Mostly happy but has an in charge, leader voice when needed.
How do you walk? One foot in front of the other, keeping moving forward.
How do you sleep? Curled up next to Steven’s side with one hand over his heart and her head resting on his shoulder.

The Firsts
First crush? Emeld when they were younger.
First kiss? Emeld before he had died.
First memory? When she had saved Emeld from falling from the hospital roof.
First dead person you saw? Her uncle when she was little, his casket had been open before the funeral.
First time you stole? Why?: It was because her mother had been sick and she had thought it would be ok to get something for her to get better. She didn’t get in trouble but she learned stealing was never okay because of that.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be and why?: Being too forgiving and too trustworthy at times.
If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be and why?: Change it so that people would get along.
If you could change just one thing in your past, what would it be and why?: Nothing because if she changed anything, she wouldn’t have everything she’s so grateful to have now.

A week before the story starts…
What did you do? Got laid off from her job and stocked up a bit more on blood bags.
Who did you speak to? About what? Maria at the hospital, the only vampire she had known to take a day job at the desk of a hospital who supplied her with blood.
Who did you wish you'd spoken to? Why? No one because she didn’t stay close to many people.
Who did you avoid? Why?: A boy who she had before worked with who had developed a huge crush on her.
Who did you kiss? No one because she hadn’t kissed a guy yet.
Where did you go? To work and back home.

Base: [link]

Character sheet base belongs to :iconlina19:

Casity and Victoria (c) :iconsonicnshadow321:
Emeld, Steven, Augusta, and Kennedy (c) :icon1hourturns23:
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1hourturns23 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2011
Casity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8DDDDDDDD OMG! I can't believe it!!!!!!! 8D So awesome!!!!!! 8D Aw, Steven taught her Italian. X3 But yeah there's so much about her I didn't know! :o She worked in a hospital before?
sonicnshadow321 Featured By Owner May 1, 2011
XD Yep! Lol, yeah, I thought that'd be a cute little thing to put in there X3 That's what these things are for ^^ Yeah, she did, only for a little while though at a desk kind of job like Maria. She did it so it was easier to get blood XP
1hourturns23 Featured By Owner May 1, 2011
Oh yeah (remembers phone conversation). XD Oh Casity! Such a mischivous (sp?) vampire. :3 I know, I always look for cute info to add too lol. XD
sonicnshadow321 Featured By Owner May 1, 2011
XDD Heh heh, she has the power of perssuasion!!
Casity: Oh Steven~ ^3~
Lol. Ive got to figure out a lot of stuff for Sabrina and Lance though since mostly alll we know of their backgrounds is with Steven and Fair.
And we found out so much more stuff in the story last night! 8D
1hourturns23 Featured By Owner May 1, 2011
Casity's powers are like no other on earth. 0_0 She even has power without her powers lol. XD
Remember that gender switch idea I had in my head? From our conversation from last night, the idea is not so far-fetched lol. XD
Steven: Casity! ^_^ :glomp: (oblivious to the power cloud of doom around her XD)
I want to see them!!!! 8D
Oh yeah... (twitch lol jk XD)
Btw, stay tuned, I'm doing a "Then" and "Now" meme and posting it up in a minute. XD
sonicnshadow321 Featured By Owner May 1, 2011
XDDDD It seems like that. Lol, I feel like she's a MAry-sue though DX
Lol, oh yeah! XD Steven you've already shown as a female but I just wonder what Casity would be like like a dude o.O
Casity: -snickers and hugs him back- Say, there's something I have to show you in our room~ Come on! -takes his hand and starts pulling him that way-
XD Lol, I havent decided if Im going to do them seperate or do one pic or something XP
Cool! I shall stay to see it xD
1hourturns23 Featured By Owner May 1, 2011
Who? Casity? For real? No she's not! DX How lol?
I want to redo a pic of them as a couple but gender-switched lol. XD Casity as a dude? Always taking advantage of Stephanie. XD lol jk
Steven: What is it? ^^
Arrow: (looks over shoulder and points and laugh)
Rose: OMG! Gerrad! She's using my stuff!!! ^W^
Probably separate would be best in my opinion lol. XD But that's just me.
Thanks! ^^ Sorry it's taking so long. XD trying to put everything in there.
sonicnshadow321 Featured By Owner May 1, 2011
XD Well, just because she can speak three languages and just happens to be the Special Vampire (we gotta find a better name for that XD), is a great fighter and whatnot. Idk, I just feel that she's a bit of a mary-sue XP
XDDDD I can imagine that she would lol.
Casity: Something that the lights have to be off for me to show you |3
Sabrina: -looks at Arrow and raises- -doesnt say anything and simply walks off-.....
Gerard: I'm sure she is Rose -chuckles-
That's what I had thought ^_^
You're welcome X3 Lol, its okay, no worries ^_^
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